Launch your carbon offsetting initiative

What you get with ClimateSeed

Easily and securely launch your carbon offsetting initiative
Get access to a digital platform with a wide range of sustainable projects
Strict project selection process
Digital voting tool to engage your stakeholders in the project selection
Communication materials and support
Excellent customer service from a qualified team

You choose when and what to offset.
We help

Offset your organization emissions

Offset your residual emissions at your organization level and accelerate your sustainable impact.

Offset your Business trips

Your business may require your staff to travel. Flights, trains, cars produce CO2. You can reduce your footprint by choosing a low-carbon mode of transportation. Offsetting its residual footprint is a common practice.

Create climate neutral products or services

Make your products or services more attractive for clients. Differentiate from competitors.

Create a climate neutral event

Demonstrate your sustainability leadership. Involve your visitors in your project selection with our voting tool.

Enable your customers to consume climate neutral

Whether purchased online or offline, work with us to allow your end-clients to offset the carbon footprint linked to the purchase and use of their product.

Make your investment portfolio climate neutral

Align your investment portfolio to the 2-degree pathway by offsetting its residual emissions.

How ClimateSeed works

Sign up to, go through the onboarding process, browse and contribute to sustainable quality-checked projects to securely and easily offset your unavoidable emissions.

Select one or multiple projects you wish to support according to your sustainability strategy
Contribute to the project by purchasing the number of carbon credits equal to or greater than your residual carbon footprint
Use the purchased carbon credits to offset your footprint
Communicate on your climate action using all the media content and storytelling available

What our platform looks like

Communicate and Improve your competitive advantage with ClimateSeed