Tech-based and Hybrid Carbon Removal

A deep-dive into Tech-based and Hybrid Carbon Removal projects

What are Tech-based and Hybrid Carbon Removal projects?

Beyond nature-based carbon removal projects, other projects focused on technology as well as hybrid solutions have emerged in the market. These projects have become attractive because they can remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it for thousands of years; however, today these projects are small-scale and costly.

These projects are referred to as carbon removal projects, focusing on the reduction of carbon already present in the atmosphere.

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Tech-based and Hybrid Carbon Removal project types



Biochar is a carbon-rich, solid material produced from biomass or biowaste, through pyrolysis (the process of heating organic material in the absence of oxygen), that can endure in soil for thousands of years. Additionally, biochar can also provide environmental and agricultural benefits by improving its nutrient retention, its water holding capacity and increased aeration. 




Enhanced Rock Weathering

Enhanced Rock Weathering is a process that aims to accelerate the natural weathering by spreading crushed basalt rock on surfaces, such as agricultural lands. The CO2 is removed, locking it for thousands of years, when the carbon in soil moisture and rainwater reacts with the surface area of the basalt.


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