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Our experts support you in the whole climate contribution process.

Define your climate contribution strategy

with our experienced project team to set the optimal strategy.

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to support projects certified by recognized standards.

Set up multi-year agreements

to secure carbon credits volumes and pricing for long-term contributions to projects.

Finance early-stage projects

to contribute to the implementation of innovative projects.

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Access a carefully selected portfolio of inspiring projects.

Carbon ClimateSeed REDD+

Forestry & Land Use

Projects that protect and restore existing forest areas threatened by deforestation.

Mangroves blue carbon

Blue Carbon

Projects that protect and restore unique ecosystems, such as mangroves.

Water project

Water Management

Projects that supply clean water to households in rural communities removing the need to boil water and reduces GHG emissions.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Support improved and efficient waste disposal that reduces GHG emissions or landfill projects that capture the methane released to turn it into clean fuel.


Household devices

Efficient devices that significantly reduce wood consumption, or biogas digesters that provide sustainable fuel to local communities and hence prevent deforestation and avoid GHG emissions.


Energy Efficiency and Fuel Switching

Energy-saving measures that reduce carbon emissions and replace fossil fuels with sustainable energy sources.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Renewable power infrastructure that contributes to decarbonizing the local power grid and thus avoiding GHG emissions.


Carbon Reduction Projects

With positive impacts on local communities and biodiversity.



Europe, Americas, Central Africa and Asia. 

Projects selected with great care

Our experts ensure that the projects we work with are of the highest quality and have passed our robust three-level verification process.

Project Certification

All projects have been certified by a major international or national standard, such as these:


Logos Standards       

Banking Due-Diligence

All project carriers undergo a banking due-diligence, which covers anti-money laundering assessment, anti-terrorism and reputational analysis.

This analysis includes list of sanctions, embargoes and surveillance worldwide. Participants provide documentation, such as organizational structure, articles of incorporation, and financials.

Sustainability Committee

All projects are validated by ClimateSeed’s Independent Sustainability Committee.

Our committee is comprised of market experts that review and challenge the claims made by the project carriers. Their review follows these guidelines: project relevance, effectiveness, impact, sustainability and project proponent reputation.

Because trust is essential, transparency is key

Our commitments

Transparent Business Model

Know exactly how your money is used.

No Secondary Market

Preserve our value: avoid speculation and credit reselling.

No Double Counting

Each carbon credit has a unique serial number. Credits are retired directly from the market registries.

Financial Legitimacy

Understand who are the ultimate beneficial owners behind each project.

Our transparent business model

Fair and transparent pricing, and clear margins. The price of carbon credits is set by the project carriers. 

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Your climate action contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals