Premium carbon removal and avoidance projects

We provide high-quality carbon removal and avoidance projects, carefully selected by our experts, and generating carbon credits.

We combine expertise and technology to ensure traceability, transparency, and mitigate risks.

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Making Nature-based Solutions Work for Adaptation: The India Story

Contribute to premium projects with our platform

 Purchase high-quality carbon credits to support top-notch carbon removal and avoidance projects.

Make a multi-year agreement with project carriers, to ensure consistent carbon credit availability and pricing for long-term commitments.

The platform's key features



from full transparency and precise overview of the sources of carbon credit revenues


Compare carbon removal and avoidance projects

to select those that best meet your contribution objectives

Document management platform feature


all your documents in one place

Evaluation framework platform feature

Evaluation framework platform feature

to assess climate mitigation and social & environmental impacts

Rely on our experts to
finance innovative projects

Finance early-stage innovative projects carefully selected by our experts.

Identify and set up tailor-made carbon removal and avoidance projects.

Secure long-term carbon credit supply from premium carbon removal and avoidance projects.

Benefits from a network of 30+ trusted project partners.


Projects Team

Jessica Denoyelle

Jessica Denoyelle
Head of Projects &
General Counsel

Alessandra Souroujon

Alessandra Souroujon
Carbon Project Manager

Stephany Bernazzani

Stephany Bernazzani
Carbon & Biodiversity
Project Analyst Americas

Pablo Valle Medrano

Pablo Valle Medrano
Carbon & Biodiversity
Project Analyst Asia

Delaney Keys

Delaney Keys
Carbon & Biodiversity
Project Analyst Africa

What makes us stronger than any partner

Project Quality


high-quality projects
selected through a rigorous process


dedicated experts
to enhance your strategy for contributing to premium projects


trusted project partners
to maximize strong environmental and social benefits


engaged organizations
relying on ClimateSeed as their trusted partner

Why contribute to carbon removal or avoidance?

  1. Strong environmental benefits
  2. Benefit-sharing with local communities
  3. Local impact and economic growth
  4. Focus on specific UN SDGs

Our unique approach maximizes your positive environmental and social impacts, and offers risk mitigation backed by top-tier financial expertise.

Project ecosystem

We select premium projects
with the greatest care

Our experts ensure projects are of the highest quality, and have passed our
robust three-level verification process.

Project certification

We identify quality carbon projects through multiple factors, including typologies, methodologies, and geographies.

We ensure that projects have been certified by prominent international or national standards.

Banking due-diligence

We perform strict banking due-diligence on project carriers. It covers anti-money laundering assessment, anti-terrorism, and reputational analysis.

The project carriers provide documentation, such as organizational structure, articles of incorporation, and financials. Our analysis includes a list of sanctionsembargoes, and surveillance worldwide.

Project review with our Evaluation Framework

We make a robust assessment of projects through a standardized evaluation framework developed by our experts.

Project claims are not only reviewed but also challenged.

Only the projects deemed of high-quality start collaborating with ClimateSeed to maximize environmental and social benefits.

Project selection process ClimateSeed

Projects typologies

ClimateSeed offers a portfolio of more than 35 premium carbon removal and avoidance projects from 24 different locations.
Our comprehensive range includes 8 carbon removal and avoidance project types.


Use our platform and consulting services to measure your GHG emissions and optimize your decarbonization