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200 Clients Engaged To Fight Climate Change

Other Projects

naos logo case study

NAOS - Climate contribution

NAOS, a company focused on developing and marketing skincare and cosmetics products, works closely with ClimateSeed to support qualitative carbon removal and avoidance projects.

Idemia Logo case study

IDEMIA - Climate contribution

IDEMIA, a multinational company specialised in security and identity solutions, partnered with ClimateSeed to select quality carbon removal and avoidance projects to support.

Amorino Logo case study

Amorino - Carbon footprint

Amorino, a renowned Italian ice-cream brand, reached out to ClimateSeed to measure and reduce its greenhouse gases GHG emissions.

Mondial Protection Logo case study

Mondial Protection - Carbon footprint

Mondial Protection, a Group offering a range of services in the field of personal and asset protection, partnered with ClimateSeed to assess their carbon footprint.