Sustainable Transportation

A deep-dive into sustainable transportation projects to avoid carbon emissions

What are sustainable transportation projects?

The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions primarily come from burning fossil fuel for our vehicles, ships, trains and planes. While transport currently has a big reliance on fossil fuels compared to other sectors, there are carbon projects that are helping to reduce emissions and promote sustainable ways of working, thinking and development; in a fast-paced world, these projects help develop sustainable transport changes in both urban and rural areas.

These projects are referred to as carbon avoidance projects, preventing carbon emissions that would have been released into the atmosphere. 

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Sustainable development
Pollution reduction
Reduce carbon emissions

Sustainable transportation projects types


Electrification of vehicules

This typology refers to the charging of electric vehicles and their associated infrastructure. This CO2 project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by replacing internal combustion engines which subsequently displaces emissions from conventional fossil fuel vehicles. Electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions and reduce air and noise pollution. Increased adoption of EV’s help incentivise integration of renewable energy into the electricity mix.


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Alternative Mobility projects

Alternative mobility refers to projects that shift the mode of transport for urban passengers to low CO2 two- and three-wheeled mobility. This can include expanding existing bike lanes, parking areas and sharing stations. This typology reduces demand on fossil fuel based vehicles and traffic in rush hour, improves air quality, and helps democratize public space and individual mobility. Alternative mobility promotes sustainable development in cities, thus this typology is part of a greater overall goal of shifting the mode of transport while redefining the vision of e-mobility in an urban setting.


A project example: Tembici in Rio de Janeiro

Subcategory: Alternative mobility

Tembici project is the first micromobility project certified in the voluntary carbon market. This innovative project promotes alternative mobility by building and expanding existing bike lanes, parking areas and sharing programs in Rio de Janeiro. Implemented in 2018, the project has 3,100 bicycles and 300 stations in 38 neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. The project contributes to better mobility and better air quality by reducing transportation emissions. 

This project will serve as a pilot project for other micromobility projects in Latin America with the goal to redefine the vision of mobility and promote bicycles as an environmentally friendly transportation option.

Bike ride with girl

Improves quality of life

in Rio de Janeiro

Green mobility

is promoted

750 tCO₂e

avoided per year


Positive impact

on quality of life

User testimonials

I've always liked riding a bike, it's a trip I can't do without. After I moved to Rio, I could count on the Itaú bike to continue doing my favorite trips. I combine my love for Rio with the pleasure I have in cycling, it's wonderful! I become more willing, happier, life becomes even lighter... I can only thank you for this service from Tembici! Thank you very much!
A Tembici user
My name is Petrick and I have been a tembici customer since I arrived in Brasília DF. And besides already being passionate about physical activity, I have also been concerned about the environment. And after I started trying the service my life changed, I save on gasoline every month. And on top of that, I exercise even more. Not to mention the quality of the bikes, which are comfortable and safe.
A Tembici user
How can I start talking about one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had? My dream was to use Tembici and cycle through the Brazilian Venice (Recife), the feeling of being free and without stress in traffic made me see the beauty of the moment without hassle, in peace. Speaking of peace, I had no problem using the super intuitive and practical to use APP. Thank you for making one of my dreams come true, Tembici.
A Tembici user
In addition to helping me get around and providing me with well-being, with Tembici, I can learn more about and appreciate the history and architecture of the city. Not to mention that with Tembici the view is even more beautiful. It's d+.
A Tembici user
Tembici is one of my greatest desires in life: Cycling in paradisiacal places. I'm Miuly and I learned to ride a bike when I was 40 years old and the biggest motivation for getting this project off the ground was the possibility of riding Itaú's famous bike (the orange one, as I like to call it, lol) in Rio de Janeiro and Recife. And during the bike classes I could already visualize myself cycling with Tembici along the beautiful beaches of Rio and on the Praia Boa Viagem cycle path. And today it is a beautiful reality that is part of my routine. Getting around with Tembici is easy, practical and creates a feeling of freedom. It shows how much we can and deserve to be more connected with nature and with ourselves while cycling, not to mention that there are several Tembici stations throughout the cities, which makes it easier to return the bike when we finish the cycle. It's a feeling of freedom that everyone should experience, Tembici making dreams come true.
A Tembici user

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