Climate action done transparently

ClimateSeed offers clients end-to-end solutions that fit their needs through a selection of services and tools.


Sustainability End-to-End

Accelerate your journey towards net-zero emissions.


Measure your carbon footprint.


Define your environmental strategy.

Take action

Set up and contribute to emission reduction projects.


Communicate transparently to your stakeholders.

Our Tools

The Climate Platform

ClimateSeed offers a platform and user-friendly experience for companies and organizations to support emission reduction projects and offset their residual emissions. By joining our platform, you will have access to the highest quality projects.

Through our built-in voting module, you can engage different stakeholders and enable them to be part of the decision making process.

How the climate platform works

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Amazing tools for amazing projects

Rounding for climate

Plugins for websites and apps to enable users to round-up for climate. ClimateSeed, with its official partners, works with organizations to allow their final clients to protect the planet. At the time of purchase, final clients are able to make a climate contribution by rounding-up their total.


Allow your stakeholders to measure their carbon footprint. Adapt the calculator to educate them on their impact on the planet and provide them tips to reduce their footprint.

ClimateSeed provides different tools to contribute to emission reduction projects.

ClimateSeed’s digital tools increase traceability, transparency, and security when supporting emission reduction projects. We ensure that your contributions preserve the planet.

  • Traceability
  • Transparency
  • Security
  • Global Network

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