GHG emissions measurement, reduction, and reporting

Manage your decarbonization journey and share investor-grade reports compliant with GHG Standards.

Measure, reduce, and offset carbon
Our Solution

An innovative digital platform combined with carbon experts

to optimize your entire decarbonization journey.

GHG Measurement
Reduction Strategy
Contribution to Carbon Reduction Projects
Report to Stakeholders

GHG Measurement

Map your organization to personalize your journey

Our platform meets the needs of all types of businesses, regardless of  size, industry, or geographical coverage.

The easy configuration allows to facilitate the entire GHG measurement process compliant with standards such as the GHG Protocol, Bilan Carbone®, and ISO 14064 / 14069.

Map your organization

GHG Measurement

Collaborate with your stakeholders and optimize data collection 

Collect all the relevant data to calculate your Scope 3 emissions by allowing your company’s suppliers to enter their data & track their emissions.

Deploy surveys to measure the emissions of your employees' commute.

GHG Measurement 

Make sense of the results with a dynamic dashboard 

Visualize and understand your footprint with a dynamic dashboard.
Overview your GHG emissions by scope, activity, product, and site. 
Monitor your decarbonization strategy.
Carbon Calculator-ClimateSeed

Reduction Strategy

Define your Science-based reduction Targets

Set reduction objectives in line with Science-based Targets, and monitor your progress. Create parameters as % of reduction, budget, or deadlines.
Collaborate with our consultants to quantify the CO2 avoided by your reduction efforts and estimate their impacts and costs.


Reduction actions

Reporting to Stakeholders

Get auditable reports and align with CDP

Our reports respects the chosen methodological framework (GHG Protocol or regulatory GHG assessment) and its updates.

Our Premium GHG Emissions Reports are customizable, auditable, and ready to be published.

Prepare your CDP reporting and simulate your CDP Climate Change Questionnaire Scoring.


Carbno Reports ClimateSeed

Contribution to Carbon Reduction Projects

Make climate action beyond your value chain

Buy carbon credits and contribute to premium carbon removal and avoidance projects.

Maximize positive impact by transparently supporting biodiversity, gender equality, education, and more. 


Carbon offset platform

Get the support of our carbon experts

We personalize your support and guide you along your entire decarbonization journey.