Manage your decarbonization

Measure and reduce your carbon emissions. Set and simulate reduction targets. Take climate action. Communicate on your strategy.

Measure, reduce, and offset carbon
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Our collaborative carbon platform


A platform adapted to your company

Our platform is configured to meet the needs of all types of companies, whatever their size, their sector of activity, and their geographical coverage.
Prior to utilization, map your organization to personalize your experience
Map your organization

A collaborative and optimized data collection process

Facilitate your data collection (including scope 3 emissions) by sharing access to the digital platform with several stakeholders, including the company's suppliers or other external stakeholders.
Deploy questionnaires to measure the emissions of your employees' commute.
Use the hybrid data entry approach to optimize the ratio of collection time vs. data accuracy.
Automate the import of your data by connecting your ERP and travel management software via API.
Data collection

A customizable dashboard for easy understanding 

Track and understand your carbon footprint through our dynamic dashboard. Overview your results by scope, by activity, by product, by site, etc. 
Choose between GHG Protocol or Bilan GES Réglementaire format. Monitor and centralize your decarbonization strategy.
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A facilitated reduction journey

Set reduction objectives in line with Science-based Targets, and monitor your progress. Create parameters as % of reduction, budget, or deadlines.
Choose the reduction actions to carry out from our climate action library.
Quantify the CO2 avoided by your climate actions and estimate their impacts and costs.


Reduction actions
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We combine our carbon management platform

With our carbon experts personalize the degree of support and meet your needs.

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