Optimize your carbon footprint

A digital platform and experts to measure and reduce your carbon footprint in line with GHG Accounting Standards and Science-based Targets (SBTi).


Understanding the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

ClimateSeed helps you achieve CSRD compliance


Measure your carbon footprint

Structure your carbon footprint measurement with our consultants and optimize it with our digital platform

Simplified Data Collection

Creation of data collection strategy.

Collaboration accesses to collect data from key stakeholders.

Bulk data import.

Intuitive data collection forms tailored to your industry.

Simplified Data Collection

Reported results compliant with GHG Accounting Standards

Emissions factors adapted to your organization and products.

Several premium emission factor databases.

Results transparency and granularity.

Optional data validation by our consultants.

Reported results
Understand your results

Result analysis in line with GHG Accounting Standards

Report Result Slider ClimateSeed

Report results

in compliance with the GHG Protocol or National Regulatory Standards.

Understand GHG Emissions


your main sources of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and visualize your action scopes.

Confidence score platform ClimateSeed

Confidence score

to identify data accuracy and reliability.

Audit trail ClimateSeed

Audit trail

on data import and emission factors to ensure transparency.

Tag platform ClimateSeed


to easily access results specific to sectors, stakeholders, or other relevant categories.

ClimateSeed Monitoring


carbon intensity metrics to track progress over time.

 Easy carbon intensity metrics monitoring

Reduce your carbon footprint

Set Science-based Targets and take action

Set Science-based reduction Targets.

Prioritize your reduction actions according to cost, implementation time, and impact.

Monitor your progress based on budget, timeline, and targets.

Visualize the scenarios of your emissions over time.

Targets and take action

Deliverables compliant with GHG Accounting Standards

Decarbonization is key for climate and your organization




Comply with existing European regulation
To ensure compliance with existing European regulation, companies of over 500 employees need to conduct a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment. 

Comply with upcoming CSRD
From 2025, most companies with over 250 employees will need to comply with the new European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and disclose key elements of their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance.


Mitigating risks
Reduces a company's exposure to climate-related risks such as regulatory sanctions, supply chain disruptions, and reputational damage. It ensures long-term operational stability.

Improving resilience
Ensures business continuity and strengthens resilience against climate change's physical and financial impacts.

Stakeholders expectations
Customers, investors, suppliers, and employees greatly emphasize businesses taking decisive action against climate change.

Decarbonization empowers employees to contribute to an impactful future, fostering purpose, satisfaction, and skills improvement.


Understand your impact on climate.

Strengthen your competitive advantage.

Certify your business (Bcorp, Ecovadis, etc).

Evaluate your dependency on fossil fuel energies.



On request

Benefit from the additional support of our expert consultants 

Kick-off meeting to validate your data collection strategy.

Project management of data collection for the carbon footprint measurement.

Data processing and validation.

Synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of results.

Reduction plan in line with Science-based Targets.

Quantification of the GHG emissions avoided by your reduction efforts.

Data processing and validation.

Expert GHG Mesure EN

Our innovative technology

Go beyond your value chain with carbon removal and avoidance projects