Our mission

Our mission is to protect our planet by allowing organizations to easily and securely take action towards a more sustainable world. We offer a simple, secure, and user-friendly digital platform to allow organizations to offset their unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by contributing to sustainable projects around the world. These projects contribute to the Sustainable Developments Goals set by the United Nations.

What makes ClimateSeed unique

ClimateSeed is your independent trusted partner for your climate action

A Social Business

ClimateSeed is a social cause-driven company and was launched during the Global Social Business Summit in November 2018 with Nobel Peace prize laureate Prof Yunus. Our entire project, business plan, and articles of association have been reviewed by Grameen Creative Lab, whose mission is to help organizations implement social businesses as a way to meet society's most pressing needs. As a Social Business, ClimateSeed must reinvest its profits to maximize its environmental and social impact, such as:
· Creating decarbonization educational programs
· Increase sustainable impact through technology improvements on the ClimateSeed platform
· Support small sustainable project developers
· Launch social and environmental initiatives

Transparency and fair pricing

On the ClimateSeed platform, project carriers set their own prices. ClimateSeed charges a 15% fee on the transaction amount, to cover for its operational costs including the following: project identification and selection, payment processing, administration costs, hosting and maintenance of the ClimateSeed platform.

Robust due dilligence process

Our goal at ClimateSeed is to make your sustainability contribution safe. That means:
· Carefully selecting projects meeting a high level of quality
· Conducting a banking "Know Your Customer" due diligence, which means taking the appropriate steps to check that the investment money will go into the right hands (anti-money laundering and terrorism financing)

Our sustainability committee

The members of our sustainability committee bring their expertise to ask the right questions to select projects and setup methodologies to standardize our selection process.

Meet the team

Get in touch with us

Whether you are a company willing to access the platform and browse our list of projects to offset your CO2 emissions or if you are a project developer willing to list your projects, or if you want to partner with us, please send us a message below and we’ll contact you.