We combine the financial and operational strength of a top-tier bank, the agility of a startup, and the legitimacy of a Social Business.


Our Mission

→ Support companies and organizations scale up their positive environmental and social efforts to fight climate change ←

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus


ClimateSeed’s Social Business DNA puts ethics first.

Following Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus’ principles, our work’s main objective is to directly contribute to social and environmental impacts.

ClimateSeed is a social cause-driven company launched during the Global Social Business Summit in November 2018 with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Yunus.

As a Social Business, ClimateSeed reinvests 100% of its profits to maximize its environment and social impact.

100% of profits reinvested


ClimateSeed aims to increase the level of transparency and traceability when it comes to supporting emission reduction projects. Through a close collaboration with project carriers, ClimateSeed ensures fair pricing, clear margins, and direct contribution to local communities.

The price of the carbon credit is set by the project carriers to maximize the financial contribution to the projects.

ClimateSeed charges a 15% transaction fee that is paid by the contributors to cover its operational costs.


Launched by BNP Paribas, ClimateSeed has sustainability and banking expertise. We ensure that all emission reduction projects are of the highest quality through our robust three-level verification process, which includes project certification, banking due-diligence and anti-money laundering, and validation from ClimateSeed’s internal Sustainability Committee.

Standards we work with


Project certification

All projects have been certified by a major international or national standard, such as Gold Standard, VCS, Plan Vivo.

Banking due-diligence

All projects have undergone a strict due-diligence process, which includes anti-money laundering and reputational analysis.

Sustainability Committee

All projects have been validated by our internal committee, which is composed of market experts, who analyze each project individually. They interact directly with the project carriers and ensure that the claims and co-benefits of the project are correct.

Our Story

“According to the IPCC, we just have 10 years to act on climate change. As a father and a citizen, I realized that perhaps one day, my children would blame me for not having done enough to preserve the planet.

ClimateSeed was born to accelerate the fight against climate change and help the most vulnerable groups.”

CEO ClimateSeed
Spring 2017

Sebastien Nunes was in charge of the Fintechs at BNP Paribas Securities Services and had 10+ years experience in the group.

Summer 2017

He talked about the idea of ClimateSeed to his management and started an intrapreneurial project with BNP Paribas’ support.

Summer 2018

He formed a team and worked on the project together with Nobel Peace Prize Professor Yunus’ Grameen Creative Lab to become the first Social Business launched by BNP Paribas.

Fall 2018

In November, ClimateSeed was launched at the Global Social Business Summit together with Professor Yunus.


ClimateSeed works with more than 30 projects and has more than 50 customers.

Our Team

We are a diverse group of individuals with different backgrounds and expertise that share one goal: fighting climate change.

We are determined to help businesses and organizations accelerate their climate action efforts through our combined knowledge and 15 years of financial experience in corporate banking and sustainability.

Sébastien Nunes
Chief Executive Officer
Edouard Blin
Chief Operating Officer
Jessica Denoyelle-Battaïa
Head of Legal & Public affairs
Alexandre Razzi
Senior Business Developer & CSR
Edoardo Bertin
Head of Marketing & Partnerships
Michelle Parra-Guedez
Head of Client Development and Projects
Alessandra Souroujon
Senior Analyst Strategy and Development
Vincent Loubinoux
Business Developer
Alexandre Risser
Digital Product Analyst

Our Sustainability Committee

The members of our Sustainability Committee bring their technical expertise to analyze each project to ensure that the project claims and co-benefits are correct.

As part of the three-level verification process, it is only after their final approval that the project is added to the ClimateSeed platform.

Christine Langevin
Climate Change, Land-Use and Forestry Expert and Independent Consultant
Séverin Fischer
Former Head of Environment at BNP Paribas.
Stéphane Voisin
Expert in Green and Sustainable Finance at Institut Louis Bachelier
Thierry Vandevelde

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