Mastering the Corporate Sustainability Directive (CSRD)

As the CSRD introduces new standards for non-financial reporting, this guide aims to help you clearly understand these requirements and what is expected. It also serves as an educational tool to raise awareness of these new obligations among internal stakeholders.

The CSRD aims to:

  • Extend the number of companies subject to extra-financial reporting.
  • Standardize reporting practices.
  • Extend the range of extra-financial information for which reporting is mandatory. 

This white paper will help you discover :

  • The changing regulatory context that led to the adoption of the CSRD.
  • The companies specifically targeted by this directive.
  • The crucial information to include in your CSRD-compliant reporting.
  • A detailed methodology for efficient and structured implementation.
  • And, finally, explore how ClimateSeed can guide you step-by-step towards full CSRD compliance.

For example, you will find information on dual materiality:

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For more information, download our guide. 

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