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ClimateSeed at CES- Our Experience

Edoardo Bertin
Our rising startup ClimateSeed was one of the several startups representing the French Tech in the new edition of famous CES of Las Vegas from the 8th to the 11th of January. Our goal? To convince as many companies as possible that carbon offsetting is one of the major solutions for fighting climate change.
Launched last November at the Global Social Business summit of Nobel Peace Prize Prof. Yunus, ClimateSeed had 4 challenges in 4 days: Pitch, meet, convince & emerge.
Pitch & meet: Now more than ever, the Tech industry has to be aware of environmental issues and its responsibility. The cost of Climate change for the USA is $220bn per year in lost labour, insurance, reduced crop yields, health problems and crumbling infrastructure.
CES is one of the biggest gathering for leading companies and innovative start-ups (182 000 total attendance & 4 400 exhibiting companies this year). It was therefore the opportunity to meet important representatives, pitch in front of a big tech audience and journalists.
Convince: three hurdles to cross.
1 – Improve awareness on carbon offsetting and its benefits.
2 - Climate change is not yet accepted as a scientific fact by everyone.
3 - Digital services is one of the most polluting industries in the world, with numbers similar to aviation sector (2% of the global pollution).
Emerge: in order to make a difference, ClimateSeed developed a use case showing how CES could be “carbon neutral” and the team attended various conferences and presented to different representatives.
The ClimateSeed team received good feedback on the solution and the approach from delegates of the tech industry, environmental and of the political field.
CES was a 4-day accelerator and the ideal platform to test and challenge ClimateSeed’s positioning, business and technological roadmap for 2019.
Article written by Edoardo Bertin